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M.P.18,1. - Gun & requested photos

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Please bear with me as this is the first time for me to try posting photos. Any comments and/or feedback on the quality of the photos evenif they are negative will be appreciated by me.

This M.P.18,1. has all the acceptance stamps and matching numbers. Extra trommel drum with a drum pouch marked A.P. Hoffmann Berlin 1916 which I have to assume is a re-production but it don't stink.

My first questions were answered by Jan & other forum members.I purchased it over 10 yrs. ago for $1900 with the trommel drum but no adaptor which I purchased separately after I got possession of it.

As you will be able to see it is in approximately 95%+ condition and now I would like someone to try and tell me an approximate value for my records as this is the only one I ever seen for sale.
I always wanted one because this was the world's first true blowback submachine gun.

I'll be looking forward to any feedback, information or questions that anyone may have for me.

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Thank you for the TM08 carrier information. From my viewpoint I never even saw a photo of a leather or canvas TM08 carrier.

Thanks for your interest & reply.

Excellent presentation and photographs of your M.P.18,1.
Thanks for posting.

The reply coming from you really means something to me.

your original post asks for estimated value on todays market. I would expect that could be worth perhaps 25K to the right buyer. My question about the weapon because it effects values to the advance collector is: has it ever been deactivated / reactivated ? Evidence usually can be found in the breach of the barrel.

Thanks for your estimate.
There is no evidence that it was reactivated and it functions normally as one should.


Thanks for your comments on my M.P.18,1 and I'm already following the auction
to see what the highest bid is going to be as I'm quite interested.
I have never seen one for sale (except mine) or on auction.


Thanks...I value your opinion as I see the collection you have and I'm amazed by it so I know you appreciate these firearms.


Real nice photos....very well laid out with all the accoutrements.

Hi David, interesting Lanchester you have. Does the metal have the original finish on it? The Lanchester as far as I know, most often has a brass magazine house. Yours appears on first glance to be painted black? Still the weapon is very rare if its a C & R.
One note on the MP18 pictured in the current auction is that it has the metal "flip up" muzzel protector. These are most commonly found on German MP28s. As pictured in the "Nelson" book "sub machine guns of the world". I personaly would tend to think it was made for the MP28. The front of the barrel is very similar on both weapons, so the muzzel protector maybe interchangable.
If the finish on yours is original and as you are describing, it is the finest example I have ever seen. Congratulations! There seems to be alot of nice stuff up there in Canada.
not to be a knit picker, but is that MP40 mag pouch a repro? The color of the fabric from the photo does not look like any original I have seen. Is it marked on any of the belt loops?
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