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M.P.18,1. - Gun & requested photos

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Please bear with me as this is the first time for me to try posting photos. Any comments and/or feedback on the quality of the photos evenif they are negative will be appreciated by me.

This M.P.18,1. has all the acceptance stamps and matching numbers. Extra trommel drum with a drum pouch marked A.P. Hoffmann Berlin 1916 which I have to assume is a re-production but it don't stink.

My first questions were answered by Jan & other forum members.I purchased it over 10 yrs. ago for $1900 with the trommel drum but no adaptor which I purchased separately after I got possession of it.

As you will be able to see it is in approximately 95%+ condition and now I would like someone to try and tell me an approximate value for my records as this is the only one I ever seen for sale.
I always wanted one because this was the world's first true blowback submachine gun.

I'll be looking forward to any feedback, information or questions that anyone may have for me.

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not to be a knit picker, but is that MP40 mag pouch a repro? The color of the fabric from the photo does not look like any original I have seen. Is it marked on any of the belt loops?
How much is a real all leather MP40 magazine pouch worth?
How much is a real all leather MP40 magazine pouch worth?
I checked out the link for the MP40 mag pouches. I feel the price for the leather mag pouch is around market value. BUT the price for the canvas pair is way too much! I guess it is supply and demand. Maybe some desperate soul who needs the canvas pair real bad might go for 2k plus for the pair. Not me.
one more note on canvas MP40 mag pouch pairs. Back in 1998 Curtis Earl offered me a blue Luftwaffe pair that was unmarked but he said real for $1400 ( I believe ). I thought that price was steep then.
Thanks for the infomation. I had no idea that there worth that much. BTW I have one.
again, not to knit pick, but just look at the picture. It is not an original matching pair. To me it looks to be a "put together" pair. The two sides do not match in amount of wear on them. Refering to the $2300 pair. That web site is an expensive whore, plain and simple...
I am no stranger to these items. In round numbers in my opinion from my experience, the prices on that site are aprox 2.5 times the going price. That pouch set is clearly forced matched. But in the final analysis it comes down to supply and demand.
I tend to think the wear and dirt on both side should generally be equal. I do not think the left or the right side is found more often. Its hit or miss. Now there are versions that are more scarce. Such as MP40 mag pouches that have canvas straps with a metal ends on the straps.
Good grief! I purchased a pair of original canvas and leather MP-40 pouches on e-bay a couple of years ago for $600 and thought that was expensive :)

Tom A
so I think in general he is agreeing with me. BUT things are very, VERY expensive in Norway. And for some reason prices are going up over there. Its been said it is because of the value of the US dollar. Dont know. The bottom line is supply and demand. As time goes on, collector grade MP40 items always go up in value. Much better investment than the stock market. Much more stable investment also.
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