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M.P.18,1. - Gun & requested photos

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Please bear with me as this is the first time for me to try posting photos. Any comments and/or feedback on the quality of the photos evenif they are negative will be appreciated by me.

This M.P.18,1. has all the acceptance stamps and matching numbers. Extra trommel drum with a drum pouch marked A.P. Hoffmann Berlin 1916 which I have to assume is a re-production but it don't stink.

My first questions were answered by Jan & other forum members.I purchased it over 10 yrs. ago for $1900 with the trommel drum but no adaptor which I purchased separately after I got possession of it.

As you will be able to see it is in approximately 95%+ condition and now I would like someone to try and tell me an approximate value for my records as this is the only one I ever seen for sale.
I always wanted one because this was the world's first true blowback submachine gun.

I'll be looking forward to any feedback, information or questions that anyone may have for me.

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No need to apologize....I enjoyed reading the replies.


I'm very envious of your MP-18. That is a gorgeous rig and I wish I had one. Thanks for posting the photos. An outstanding job.


I'm proud of it too!
Glad you enjoyed the photos....Thanks for the reply.

Bill, your MP afforded much pleasure. But I really do think that the leather TM pouch somewhat spoils the otherwise perfect assemblage. Whereas it may well not be a reproduction, it certainly was not Army issue. The cloth pouch would possibly be more appropriate.

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BTW, The leading German publication DWJ still has the Manual in print


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Thank you for your interest and information.
I also have a cloth pouch in my collection but I believe it is a replica.
Two photos attached.
1- Pouch

Download Attachment: 536.jpg
2- Pouch open

Download Attachment: 537.jpg

What do you think about this pouch.
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Bill, I really couldn´t say. Some years ago, I met a historian here in Germany who was in charge of the restoration department of a museum. He had gone to fantastic lengths to re-produce a TM pouch. He had found the exact Greman canvas, straps, aluminium buttons, thread and buckles and even the original type of sewing machine was used. I got one of his. Think he told me I´d have to die it grey. There are several variations of the official pouch. Yours (with the two buttons is one). It certainly look the part. If it is one of his museum repros (he had to make quite a few), there won´t be anyone who can tell the differnce. Don´t think even he can!

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Bill, it's very interesting that your pouch is 1914 dated , at this date the trommels don't exist : so , find yourself the conclusion !!

But the pouch seems to be very well made : what confusion for the collectors in fifty years or more
The KBA (KriegsBewirtschaftungs Amt???) date does not necessarily have to be the year of manufacture. I have seen many pieces of leather equipment etc. with either the year the batch was made or year the equipment was assigned to. British `37 equipmement was authorized in 1937 and continued (stamped 1937) up until 1944.
Patrice & Villiers,

Thanks for the information....very interesting.
I still think the pouch is a replica due to it's new like condition.

I had a MP18/1 here for a few weeks which I sold again because such a weapon does not fit in the theme of my Luger collection. As it came with a (broken) leather strap I made some pictures of it because I thought to send it to Jerry to have it repaired. The piece looks like the original 1918 issued and it is marked.

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If you consider selling the belt I would be interested as mine is not marked.
You can email me at [email protected]


Sorry, I sold the M.P. three weeks ago and the buyer wanted the belt too of course. Before; Jerry Burney told me that he could repair it. If you want I can contact the buyer and ask if he would part of it... He does not have e-mail thou.

No need to go thru the trouble as the new owner probably would not want to part with it.
Thanks for your interest.

any idea how much the MP18 at Julias went for please?
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