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Thanks to the folks at the Simspon LTD shop, I was fortunate to add an early M1900 Swiss Ordnance luger # 555 to my modest collection. The first DWM order for M1900 production lugers was from the Swiss for 5,000 German made M1900 pistols. This luger is # 555 out of this 5,000 pistol contract.

Download Attachment: swiss 555 1.jpg

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Thanks, James...

Now my search begins for a very early Swiss holster...the one photo'd is dated '23 and not really appropriate for this dish-toggled luger. The dished toggles are a bit wider that the togles on a M1906 and it fits too tightly for the last 1-2" of travel into this '23 holster...

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Here is a photo of the holster serial number 10726 that you asked for, it is for the 1906 swiss Police 10706 luger that I posted photo's of last Sunday

Download Attachment: holster 002.jpg
299.27 KB

The following photo's are for a swiss military holster dated 1907, I tried my 1900 American Eagle in it and the holster contours nicely to the bulge of the dished toggles.

Download Attachment: holster 001.jpg
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Download Attachment: holster 003.jpg
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Download Attachment: holster 004.jpg
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Thanks, James, for posting the inked serial number photo...very similar to others I have seen.

Also appreciate the glimpses of the nice 1907 Swiss holster. I am hopeful to find an equally nice one in the near future.

One Forum member has already contacted me and promises to send me some jpegs for a nice one he has for sale...

I am heading off to the Reno gun show next week...might get lucky and find one there, as well...

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Is their a few shows in Reno every year, always wanted to take in one and coincide the trip to see the sights. Now that our dollar has climbed a bit verses the US dollar it once again becomes feasible to travel to the US.

Would also enjoy putting a face to the many names on this forum if the show is attended by lots of luger collectors.

Please let me know via private email

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Here is the web site link for the Reno gun show; they have three shows per year. I think most folks agree the November and April shows are the best...the August show is usually a bit "thin" with folks traveling on vacations.


I have seen collectors from this gun forum such as Jan Still, Don Rousseau, Bob Hogan, Dwight Gruber, Llyod from Nevada, etc. at this show. Probably a few more I do not know...

We also have a group of 6-12 Luger Forum members that usually attend as well. We hang out at Russ Withem's tables A-13/A-14. We also have a dinner sign-up sheet at Russ' tables; folks that want to join fellow luger "nuts" for a dutch-treat steak dinner on Friday night at the Hilton's Steakhouse are more than welcome to sign-up and join us.

One can usually see 50-100 lugers at each show...most with regular dealers...but 1-3 luger pieces on smaller tables all over the place as well. Good show for walk-ins, too.

Dealer set-up day is the first Thursday, public days are Friday through Sunday. You can get in on Thursday if you pay $ 50 for an honored guest pass. That gets you in on Thursday, all day, and each of the public days...one hour earlier than the public on Friday-Sunday.

Besides lugers, it is a very good gun show with lots of other gun collecting interests.

The Reno Hilton books up fast...so it is wise to reserve a room 6 months in advance of the show you are attending.
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