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M1929 Red Bern Luger Rig...

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Just completed this Swiss M1929 Bern luger rig.

Pistol serial # is 56777; made in 1939. Holster is dated 1942. This pistol was not "private" stamped/dated upon its release for sale in Switzerland.

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Excellent photograph and beautiful display of your 1929 Bern Rig.
Thanks, Jan...

The most fun was chasing down the individual pieces. I think I ended up buying from 4-5 other countries during the year it took me to get the rig this far.

Of course, the Swiss-cross marked takedown tool is most likely, suprious...but thought it would be fun to include anyway...

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Pete, what a way to break in your new - and very nice - digital camera! Excellent picture and one VERY nice rig. I'll leave now before I turn TOO green!
Very nice Pete, great to get a nice grouping / rig brought together like that!

Pete, thaks for that nice photo!
Just the magazines with the red bottoms are hard to get!
Hello Roland,

You are correct....my 2nd. red Bern magazine took almost 1.5 years to locate and buy after I bought the pistol...and I was fortunate to find the 2nd. one in better shape than the 1st one...
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