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I've been watching for someone to reply because I was curious too. Did you ever find out what the RP was? I've heard of RE, RA, RM and PS. But not RP.

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#65279;Was an Internet auction pistol.
After discussing it with seller, seemed that he was not familiar with any markings at all, was
not a collector, and that what he described as an RP included a P without the loop of the P
being completed. Seems it was a poorly marked RE.

Here is a copy of the email from Dave Franchi, a helpful Beretta collector that helped clear up the problem:
Hi Pancho, My WebTv server has been acting up so I don't know if
you received this reply, I am sending it again in case you didn't.

From Dave [email protected]
Don't really know about an "RP".
Is it possible it is an incomplete "RE"? See page 249 in the "Beretta
Book". Could also be an early style? "RIP" (Riparata) "repaired" marking.
Your pistol is in the range of Model 34's which have unusual markings
"*** 39", "V" prefix serials, commercial pistols, etc. Regards, David
E-mail message
Hello David,
Need help re. a marking.
Do you have any info re. a Crown/RP marking on a M1934, .380, S#
743606 ? Not "RE", but "RP".
Familiar with this "RP" marking ?
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