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One of the very rare MAB Model A pistols delivered during the war to a German dealer with the original holster. # 109 038
Many of these commercial purchased 6,35mm pistols were worn by german officers.

Download Attachment: AB A II.jpg

Download Attachment: MAB A.jpg

Download Attachment: MAB A mit Originaltasche.jpg

Download Attachment: MAB A mit Tasche II.jpg

Download Attachment: MAB A Tasche.jpg

Download Attachment: Kneomar von Natzmer.jpg

Oberstleutnant Kneomar von Natzmer ( what a name ) with his staff. September 1943 ST. Brieux - Normandie in France.
He wears the same 6,35mm pistol holster as shown above !

By the way, the second man from left ( young appearence ) is my father, Leutnant Dr.Friedrich Wilhelm Müller
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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