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Magazine ID Help.

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Can anyone tell me what kind of magazine this is? It came with a Police re-work, as a spare. It appears to be well made. Nicely constructed ridgid body. Heavy aluminum cast base and follower. The odd part is that the base is not cross pinned. It is heavily staked in place, on all four corners.Any ideas?
Thanks! Ron

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Sorry Ron, a poor attempt at replacing a mag bottom with a new after market alum one, perhaps a good function mag, but poor replacement. If I can help please let me know, thanks
Ron, I think I'd leave well enough alone. It could probably be fixed, but with those "extra" holes...

Ed, Thats the the puzzlement. They are,nt holes.There are no holes for a pin or pins. They are stakeing points. The base is staked in with a punch.The steel is punched into the aluminum base to hold it in place. It was made that way. The follower is cast from the same metal and in the same fashion as the base, both have minor casting flaws. Nothing that effects function. The body is very well made of heavy steel. And the mag seems to function very well. In fact,I would'nt mind having more like it.It brings to mind, an experiment at expediting production. By doing away with drilling the hole, and using a pin.

This mag works like a dream! I wish I had a bucket full. Can't use a loading tool. It won't catch on the button. However, it's as easy to load with your thumb as a Ruger .22 Auto. I love it, will look for more.
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