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Magazine ID

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Could someone help me to Id this mag. I believe that it is a luger mag but I don't know which year or model. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

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Hello Westwind! The magazine is for a Luger! In fact, it is for a Luger made in 1937 and, in addition, the Luger is known as a 1st SubVariation. This means it has a strawed finish on some of the small parts (take down lever, magazine release button, trigger, safety lever and ejector). The Luger was completed about February of 1937. I hope this helps!
Frank, thank you for your reply.

I found this mag mixed in with some walther mags I had purchased.
I do not have a Luger, so I think I will trade it or sell it. Would you have any idea what a fair price for this mag would be, other than one dollar ?

Thank you
Westwind, you are welcome! I would value the magazine in the vacinity of $75. Good Luck!
Of course...if you find the owner of the gun that needs this magazine...it could easily become a $ 500 magazine...:)

Heard this happened between a couple of members regarding an HK magazine...that price went up to $ 1000...:(
Fortunately, that's not how most luger collectors react to a fellow collector when a matching magazine is involved. A lot of collectors have found a matching magazine on my magazine mailing list. Nobody ever told me they were "held up". Reasonable cash or the trade for a like magazine seemed to work. Hope it continues in that direction.
Hi Don,

The $ 1000 issue came up with collectors that hang out on the Board from time to time...But you are correct...this incidence is in the minority...
that and you got Cecil all excited....

Cecil, check prices on e-bay, or just offer it here on the forum and it'll sell fairly fast, provided it is in good shape.

As a small Luger collector from Washington, I must admit that I am very impressed with your knowledge of the Mauser luger. I wonder, are you absolutely sure that all - r - block 1937-S42 Lugers had straw small parts. I'm searching for data to prove this issue, can you help?
Thanks and good collecting.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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