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Magazine serial stamping die

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I have a 1940 chamber 42 toggle Luger. When the serial number was stamped on the magazine(s) did they use the same stamp as on the pistol every time or a differant stamp? Should it be the same as on the front of the frame the side of the chamber or could it be a totaly separate stamping die for the sn#? Also what about the letter in the sn#

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jay6ird....... Welcome to the forum. Very good question. I'm looking at my 1940 42 code that came as a complete rig and the size of the numbers on the bottom of both mags look more like the ones on the left hand side of the receiver or the bottom of the barrel rather than the ones on the front of the frame. The suffix stamp appears to be the same as found on the front. I checked my 1939 42 Code and it has one matching mag and it is the same as the 1940.
Pictures would sure help if you can do that. I would tell you that one thing to keep in mind is that the alum bottom of the mag is a lot softer than the steel of the luger and a lot depends on how hard they were hit and so forth. I also look at the style of the numbers. There is a definite difference between German and US number stamps..
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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