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my 1916 dwm #291 has a row of four marks on the frame close behind the barrel,right side. from l to r: crown over a fancy b. two identical marks of a crown over a fancy s or maybe d. the fourth mark is a crowned eagle with some scroll work on either side of his feet.they might be letters but are unidentifiable as such. can anyone tell me what i`ve got? H

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* A standard pattern of Imperial Army Inspector's marks signifying the progressive acceptance of the pistol assembly. The Prussian Eagle on the right is a Proof mark applied at DWM.
* The order of the crown/letter stamps starts from the left. A simplified explaination is: 1st one shows the receiver met hardness/dimensional specs. as a single detail. 2nd one shows a receiver-barrel assembly ready for proof testing. Then the Proof Test followed by the Prussian Eagle. Finally the right most c/letter stamp signifies final functional testing of the completed pistol.
* Trust this helps.
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