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markings on the Kongsberg 1914

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I have never seen these pistols before and would like to ask the experts about proper marking on the 1941 and 1942 production guns.

I found this info:
"Serial numbers through late 1933 were stamped on the frame, slide, barrel, hammer, slide stop, trigger, thumb safety, grip safety, mainspring housing, magazine catch, firing pin, firing pin stop plate, bushing, recoil spring guide, extractor, ejector, sear, and disconnector. Some very early production even had them on the recoil spring plug. In 1934, about sn 22000 serial numbers were discontinued on the hammer, magazine catch, firing pin, firing pin stop plate, bushing, recoil spring guide, extractor, sear, and disconnector. The ejector serial number discontinued in 1942".

This is great, however I would like to know about the fire-proofs. On the barrel. Is there any fire-proff on the barrel of the Norwegians? I neleive the slide and the frame have some inspection stamps like letters JB. I also know that in 1945 they had a waffen-ampt stamp on the barrel. Could anyone tell me if the 1941 ans 1941 production barrels or earlier ones should have other marking than the three digits of s/n? Of course, most German guns would always have a fire-proof on the barrel.

Thanks Boris
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Here is a link to my 1941 gun as far as I know there are no German acceptance stamps or firing proofs on these pistols until the 1945 guns that have a WaA marking on them.

I'm not sure if Noway had a proof on them but I would think the Germans accepted the Norway production without additional German markings until 1945.

This is a link to the only pistol in my collection.


Small parts matched to the gun ... this gun had an oral story to me from a US airlines pilot who brought the gun back from Germany in the 60's. ... Perhaps the story is false but it is a nice "rig" anyway.

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I always look at your website for the beautiful pictures there and details. Do not have a picture of the barrel though. Could you check for me please if there are any letters on your guns barrel beside the s/n?

What is the story about the gun?



As far as I know from the oral account, the pilot got it from an elderly vet or most likey a dealer in Germany in the 60's and brought it back with the holster and mags.

Much of my collection is still packed up in boxes from the move so I don't have acess to the gun just yet to look at the barrel.

I believe all the KV M1914 pistol barrels have proof and/or inspection marks on them. I have a 1924 pistol with two control officer marks on the barrel next to the serial number just forward of the barrel lug.

Some 1945 pistols have a German inspection mark on the barrel forward of the lug, and a German proof mark on the barrel lug.

As far as the 1941 and 42 pistols go, these usually have an "N" mark on the barrel just forward of the barrel lug. The "N" mark is thought to be the mark of the German officer in charge of all pistol production. The "JB" mark found on the slide of the 41-42 pistols is the mark of the senior civilian Kongsberg factory inspector. Some 1942 pistol have the "N" mark under the date on the slide.

There are sometimes other small marks on the barrel which are likely assembly or inspection marks.

What's the serial number of your pistol? I may be able to tell you the date it was shipped from the Kongsberg factory.

Mark's pistol was shipped in a shipment of 50 pistols on Sept. 30, 1941.

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Thank you very much for this important information. Balder also confirmed the N-mark on the barrel and told me about the date of the shipment.
Regards Boris

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