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Pictured here is a rare NS commercial Czech Mars SN 17 808 with a couple of markings.
Manufactured in 1940 with Czech Lion/N and German E/N commercial proof marks. Geco trademark on frame.
The number 7138 - 40 is a Czech registration number. The exact meaning of the additional marks - 1040/ triangle inclosing the number 5 - is unknown to me. It's an opinion, that 10 40 represents the date October 1940.
Production of Mars pistols started 1935 and ended in 1942-43.
Some Mars pistols were produced in limited quantities after the war until 1947.


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The number 7138 is a Czech Proofhouse record number, 40 means 1940. 1040 marking and triangle with 5 inside I have not seen till today. Maybe the both marks have something to do with German commercial proof E/N.
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