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MARS Slide - German (?) Wording

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I have a MARS 6.35mm pistol that has: "Automat. Pistole MARS" (German?) wording on the slide - like a DUO. I only have one reference that shows a MARS 6.35mm pistol, Whittington's "German Pistols and Holsters (Vol I)”. The slide on the pistol in the book has completely different wording (Czech?). I was hoping I could find someone with a book on Czech Pistols (or a more knowledgeable collector) who might be able to provide more information.

I'm guessing it was manufactured in 1937 from the "*37" marking. It has no commercial firm markings or German (E/N) proofs. I'd appreciate any information you could provide. The pistol has a weird plumb/red color but the seller assures me it hasn’t been refinished. I've attached a photo below. Thanks. Bob T.

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It is a Czech pistol...See ZHUK #1601. Made before the DUO 6,35mm.

Oh!...It's a Czech</u> pistol - well, that pretty much covers it I guess. Could you give me a hint on ZHUK #1601</u> - I have absolutely no idea what this means. Thanks, Orv

Also, would anyone know why mine has completely different slide wording than the one pictured in the "MARS E/N" posting on this thread? This is the only MARS I've seen with these slide markings - OK it's also the only MARS I've ever seen. Finally, does anyone know where I can find an original magazine for the little guy?

I really got some great information from the earlier "MARS E/N" post - especially the proofhouse numbering and pistol date - I didn't know this before. Thanks folks. Bob T.
Orv is talking about "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Handguns, pistols and revolvers of the world, 1870 to the present", by A.B. Zhuk. This is a well illustrated book originally written in Russian and translated to English.

Yes, it is a Czech pistol. Made by Posumavska Zbrojovka, Kohout & spol, Kdyne (Sumava mountain Armory, Kohout & comp. Kdyne) located in southwest Bohemia.
Kohout´s predecessor was Antonin Vilimec in Kdyne and the MARS 6,35 is a little bit simplified SLAVIA pistol with another marking.

The Kohout´s company was in bussiness 1932 -1947. The plum colored finish is undoubtedly original.

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SN 389 from my collection, proofed 1938. Note the same plum color.
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Thanks for the information. Does anyone know where I might be able to find an original magazine or spare grips for a MARS pistol?
Originals are very hard to find here in Czech republic.

For copy try Triple K www.triplek.com in San Diego, California.
Black plastic grips stock # 1906
magazine stock # 898
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