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Matched mag observation/Question..

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I am putting this 1916 Erfurt for sale in the "for sale" section....unfortunately it has been re blued and has some mismatched parts....however it has 2 Matched mags....both with Erfurt proofs....but the 2 Mag bases seem to be made out of different types of wood!!??...yet they appear to be original.....were the bases made out of different types of KB wood in this era??...Thanks..

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Goertz (and others) state that the grips and the mag bases were made of left overs from K 98 butt-stock production. So colour variations are likely to have occurred.

Peter....... I have 2 DWM rigs ....1916 & 1918 and in both cases the wood on the bottom of the mags is quite different.... just like yours.
Good to know Dave....Thanks....
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