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Mauser 1910/34 research

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Mauser 1910/34 research
I am building a data a database of .25 cal Mauser pistols on the 1910 patent that have a “MAUSER-WERKE A.G.OBERNDORF A.N.” slide address. I am attempting to determine when certain changes occurred in the finish and grip styles along with any blocks of serial number ranges that may have been exported to a specific country for commercial sales or contracted for a specific use.
Currently I have 50+ pistols recorded but I do not have complete information on all of them. So far the data I have, for the most part, supports John LaCroix’s published data as follows:
Note: year dates are from La Croix’s research.

The “MAUSER-WERKE A.G.OBERNDORF A.N.” slide address. 345000-429000 (LaCroix’s data)
Lowest SN in database 359944

Finish changed from rust/cold blue to salt/hot blue. 370000 (LaCroix’s data)
Highest SN with rust/cold blue in database 364405
Lowest SN with salt/hot blue in database 380770

Nitrate or fire blue on small parts discontinued. Not mentioned in LaCroix’s data
Highest SN with nitrate or fire blue on small parts in database 400744
Lowest SN without nitrate or fire blue on small parts in database 403026
Note: There are 2 pistols with SN above 403026 in database described as having nitrate or fire blue on the end of the barrel retaining rod.

Change from straight to curved grip. 403300 (LaCroix’s data)
Highest SN with straight grip in database 400744
Lowest SN with curved grip in database 403361
Note: There are 2 pistols in the database that are exceptions. One is in Pender’s book described as a rework that has a curved grip but is below LaCroix’s SN cut off. The other has a straight grip but is in LaCroix’s range for the curved. Without more data to compare I am theorizing that the grips are replacements.

Serial number on slide in milled slot. 423000 (LaCroix’s data)
Highest SN without SN in slot in database 421124
Lowest SN with SN in slot in database 424422
Note: SN 421124 is from Pender. SN 423147 and 423212 are in database but no information was reported concerning milled slot.

Change from crown/U to Eagle/N proof. 426300-429000 (LaCroix’s data)
Highest SN with C/U proof in database 427184
Lowest SN with E/N proof in database 428166 (only example has nickel finish)

Noted markings
“Made in Germany” export marked
Austrian commercial proofs
Austrian police markings
Czechoslovakian commercial proofs
British proofs
Rotterdam police marked

If any one is willing to provide data on an example of this pistol that is in there possession please provide the following information:

Serial number? Is the slide serial in milled slot?
Finish (cold blue, hot dip or nickel)?
Are small parts nitrate blue?
Grip type (straight or curved) (wood, plastic w/monogram, plastic w/banner)?
Proof mark and any other markings?
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I'm writing from Portugal. I have recently inherited some guns from the WWI and WW2 Era from my grandfather who was a general in the Portuguese Army. Amongst them, there is a Mauser 1910/34 with MAUSER-WERKE A.G.OBERNDORF A.N. in slide address.
The serial number is 491224.
I would like to know more about this little gun, and also know where can I find a grip to try to preserve this one that already shows signs of wear.
Also as you can see the Mauser in the side as some marks, some small dents and wear scratches that I don't know the origin but would love to know how to remove them.
Best regards from Portugal
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First, let me welcome you to the forum. Your .32 caliber Mauser pocket model is a 1914/34 transitional variation. The 1910 is used to describe .25 caliber variations where 1914 is used to define .32 caliber variations. Grips can be found on Ebay.com and GunBroker.com from time to time. The "small dents and wear scratches" you describe are pitting from rust which cannot be reversed. It is possible to have a professional restore the pistol though the cost would far exceed its value. Regards,
Thank you for your help and time!
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