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Mauser 1910/34 research

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Mauser 1910/34 research
I am building a data a database of .25 cal Mauser pistols on the 1910 patent that have a “MAUSER-WERKE A.G.OBERNDORF A.N.” slide address. I am attempting to determine when certain changes occurred in the finish and grip styles along with any blocks of serial number ranges that may have been exported to a specific country for commercial sales or contracted for a specific use.
Currently I have 50+ pistols recorded but I do not have complete information on all of them. So far the data I have, for the most part, supports John LaCroix’s published data as follows:
Note: year dates are from La Croix’s research.

The “MAUSER-WERKE A.G.OBERNDORF A.N.” slide address. 345000-429000 (LaCroix’s data)
Lowest SN in database 359944

Finish changed from rust/cold blue to salt/hot blue. 370000 (LaCroix’s data)
Highest SN with rust/cold blue in database 364405
Lowest SN with salt/hot blue in database 380770

Nitrate or fire blue on small parts discontinued. Not mentioned in LaCroix’s data
Highest SN with nitrate or fire blue on small parts in database 400744
Lowest SN without nitrate or fire blue on small parts in database 403026
Note: There are 2 pistols with SN above 403026 in database described as having nitrate or fire blue on the end of the barrel retaining rod.

Change from straight to curved grip. 403300 (LaCroix’s data)
Highest SN with straight grip in database 400744
Lowest SN with curved grip in database 403361
Note: There are 2 pistols in the database that are exceptions. One is in Pender’s book described as a rework that has a curved grip but is below LaCroix’s SN cut off. The other has a straight grip but is in LaCroix’s range for the curved. Without more data to compare I am theorizing that the grips are replacements.

Serial number on slide in milled slot. 423000 (LaCroix’s data)
Highest SN without SN in slot in database 421124
Lowest SN with SN in slot in database 424422
Note: SN 421124 is from Pender. SN 423147 and 423212 are in database but no information was reported concerning milled slot.

Change from crown/U to Eagle/N proof. 426300-429000 (LaCroix’s data)
Highest SN with C/U proof in database 427184
Lowest SN with E/N proof in database 428166 (only example has nickel finish)

Noted markings
“Made in Germany” export marked
Austrian commercial proofs
Austrian police markings
Czechoslovakian commercial proofs
British proofs
Rotterdam police marked

If any one is willing to provide data on an example of this pistol that is in there possession please provide the following information:

Serial number? Is the slide serial in milled slot?
Finish (cold blue, hot dip or nickel)?
Are small parts nitrate blue?
Grip type (straight or curved) (wood, plastic w/monogram, plastic w/banner)?
Proof mark and any other markings?
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If it's not too much trouble, I would indeed enjoy seeing a couple pictures. I will send you a PM with my email address. No rush.

I enjoyed hearing about your No. 319 as well. A real prize - as you said, 3 digit serial numbers are hardly ever seen. The earliest 1910 that I have ever seen for sale was No. 262 (on Gunbroker a couple years back). It had replacement grips, unfortunately, but otherwise was in good shape.
Bob – Yes, I also recorded 424113 as having the slide serial number in a milled slot. One of the problems with writing articles with serial numbers is as new examples are reported numbers need to be updated. So yes, the gap is narrowed and you have the same number I do. There is the possibility that there could be some overlap as is with other variation types. There is not enough data to say for sure and sometimes examples are reported without stating if there is a slot or not.

Lyn – I have your 428166 and 428622 reported as having the Eagle/N proof. So yes, your early Sidelatch is rare but an Eagle/N 1910/34 is just as rare if not rarer. There may only be a few hundred of each. I would like to see some pictures too.

My bride just bought me one of those photo enclosures, so when I get back from South America at the end of the month I will experiment with it and see if I can produce some decent scans of S/N 428166 and will e-mail them to you. Burgess, I do not have S/N 428622 in my collection.
Lyn - I see I was mis understood. I ment that I have yours and one othe reported. - Burgess

new number is:
Black plastic-smooth-not curved
Clip marked on left side
samick.lavita - Thank you! It would also be helpful to know if the grip is wood or plastic, curved or straight backed (yours should have a straight back grip and look like the attached picture. Regards, - Burgess


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Burgess,reporting 10/34 428134 eagle n black grips.Doug
Thanks Doug! These seem to be few and far between. It would be great to see images of the proof on one of these. Regards,
Burgess,Shoot me a snail mail address and I will send you some.Doug
Hello again :) ,
number is:
Grip=Black plastic(smooth)=not curved(straight)
Clip marked on left side
s.l. - Thank you! How would you rate its over all condition. The one in the picture I posted with the wood grip I would rate very good to excellent. Regards,
I was in Houston last week and had a chance to look at S/N 421711. I'm sure it is a factory nickel job and the finish is identical to my own 1910/34 with a nickel finish. The S/N is flush and not in a milled out section and the proofs are Crown U. It is over priced somewhat and I'm going to discuss that aspect further with the dealer when I'm back in Houston next week.
Lyn - I have seen the nickled 1910/34 on line. I agree that the dealers price is high. I hope he will come down some for you if you decide to buy it. I also have recieved some pictures of an Eagle/N proofed 1910/34 from a fellow fourm member, Thank you Doug. They are black-and-white so I could not tell if it was nickled or blued. If you don't mind could you e-mail me some images of yours showing the proof? Regards,
Burgess, The gun is blued. I tried to reply on the private mail but I guess it did not go through? Take care, Doug
Thanks Doug! - I realy appreciate you for sending the pictures. Regards, - Burgess
Burgess, Has your research established what year the WTP2s started production? Doug
Doug - Why do you ask? I have reason to believe it is earlier than what the published sources say but I have not established a definite year. Have you discovered anything that identifies a specific year? Regards, - Burgess

Burgess, I think I have. Last weekend my friend and I went to visit an old friend in another part of the state. He collects Walthers. He has binders full of Walther literature. My friend was plowing through it and found a Mauser advertising flyer. It showed the pocket pistols including the WTP2. It was in German but apparantly said the WTP2 was the new and improved model.The flyer is a fold out type that I had never seen before. The Walther collector gave it to me. (I will try to post some pictures later) The flyer was dated. Care to guess the year?
1935 and it looks like this. I have seen this brochure and have been trying to acquire one for a while now.


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The year is right but that is not the flyer, although I have that flyer somewhere. The new flyer I got is dated July of 1935. I will dig out the one you showed and see if mine is dated.
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