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I just picked up this pistol and hope you can help me with IDing it.
Serial # 573xxx
Finish Dip Blued
Magazine rounded floorplate with Mauser Banner
Sideplate Fat Banner
Slide serial inside Milled panel
Proof crown over U
caliber 32acp
No police or military markings
Grip checkered walnut, straight back
My limited resources indicate that this pistol should have the 1934 type grip instead of the 1914 type. The pistol is all matching, 95% condition and does not appear to have been messed with in any way. Do you think this grip is correct? Could it have been made during the grip transition period?
The pistol came with the pictured holster. IT is a hardshell type, but of thinner leather than you would find on a P08 holster. The holster is totally unmarked. I am thinking it is a private purchase commercial?
The "story" and yes I know what the stories are worth, the seller has owned the rig for years and purchased it from the vet who brought it back. The seller is a local man who is respected in our local collecting circles.
I would appreciate any comments on the originally and corretness of the pistol and holster as well as value. thanks in advance, runner

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At about serial number 505000 the grips changed from the straight back to the curved back. Your M1934, sn573xxx, should have the curved back grip. Also , based on your photograph the grip checkering does not appear correct. The grips are not correct for the gun and appear to be reworked. (see page 164-170, Axis pistols)
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