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just found a nice Mauser ad in a book "Moderne Gewehrfabrikation" by Otto Maretsch, published in 1913. On page 65 is a Mauser ad anouncing availability of the Mauser 14 for January 1914. The German text

"Neueste Mauser-Pistolen, kleines Taschenmodell mit festem Lauf, Kaliber 6,35 und 7,65, letztere lieferbar vom Januar 1914 ab."


"The newest mauser pistols, small pocket model with fixed barrel in calibers 6.35 and 7.65. The latter will be available from January 1914 on</u>"

Download Attachment: Maretsch-Gewehrfabrikation_S65_Mauser1.jpg

I guess, this is a good source for the starting point of series production of the model 14.

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