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I just got a VG+ Mauser 1914 cheap because it will not cock. I figured I could shade tree gunsmith it without much trouble and I was right. The only thing wrong with it is that the trigger bar spring is missing. Not broken, just gone. Looks like one of the easiest pieces to remove to disable the gun and may have been done intentionally to do so in the past.
However, when I went to order the part from Numrich, I noted that they show the same part number for the smaller 1910 pistol and the 1914, and the same number with a different suffix for the same part in a 1934.
So, question is, do I need the 1910 trigger bar spring or the 1934 spring for my 1914? Or are they all the same part?
I know someone out there knows, and I really want to try this thing out.

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Have had this springs a while ago in my ebay auctions - they are not different and will work in the 1914 and 1934 modell.
The only difference I could figure out is in the 6,35/1910 to 7, 65/1910 and 7,65/1934 that the spring in the smaller caliber is smaller in the diameter also.
Have the spring still in reserve - send me your adress if you need one!

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Thanks for the kind offer, but Numrich Arms had them in stock and have already put one in the mail to me. I finally figured out they were basically all the same spring. Several parts seem to be identical amongst the three models, even with the size difference in the 6.35.
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Spring arrived today and was a perfect fit. The 1910 spring is very slightly smaller, so the 1934 part is the one to use for the 1914 pistol. That $11 part just about doubled the value of the pistol over what I paid!
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