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Could someone advise when a 1914 Mauser serial number #128633 would have been made? Thanks in advance.

Also this pistol has two magazines with no markings and they both appear to have no blue finish and look to be bare steel with heavy marking which look like sanding markings. They appear to be original though and in very nice shape. Any info would be much appreciated. The above pistol that they are with is around 95% or better.



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I am not an expert with these weapons but suspect that the date of manufacture would be early teens. Your magazines are correct with this model era of gun.

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I believe that 1917 is correct according to the limited info that I have access to.

I am not certain as to the proper design evolution for the Mauser M1910, 1914/34 magazines. My recollection is that the early mags had blued, square-toe bottoms, tubes in the white with coarse polish marks. The very early mag bottoms were slotted, as seem in George's picture (the one on the right). A bit later on, the mag bottoms were fabricated with a "half-moon" indentation in the bottom (the one on the left). Following that, the magazines were made with blued bottoms, tubes in the white with an absence of polish marks. The bottoms on these were square-toed with a small slot cut into the left edge which accepted a portion of the magazine spring. These magazine bottoms also had the Mauser Banner struck into them. Lastly, the tubes along with the bottoms were blued. The toe of these mag bottoms was rounded and the Mauser Banner is stamped into it. They also have the small slot cut into the left edge of the bottom.

I am not certain as to the proper design progression of these modifications nor do I know when they came about. There may also be other variations.
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