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Mauser 1934 Scandinavian contract??

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Can anyone tell me anything about the 1934 Mauser Scandinavian contracts? What country were they made for? How many were produced? And what year(s)were they produced? I know absolutely zilch! Are they scarce? Any enlightenment is greatly appreciated. I just bought this one 3wks ago. Sorry not a very good pic, too much flash.
I just realized this is posted in the wrong place.

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I have one of these Scandinavian Police Model 1934s--serial number 525087. Pender in his book "Mauser Pocket Pistols1910-1946" on page #148 has some data on these pistols.

He says a large block of these pistols was imported in 1967. The importers obtained them from the firm of W. Glaser, Zurich, Switzeralnd. This firm would apparently only comment that pistols were bought from a "Scandinavian police department". Pender says this variation was not encountered in this country before that date.

Pender in his book shows observed serial numbers in the the range 475498--525081. The closest one to your serial number Pender lists is 493696.

The one I have I got about three years ago and it came in a manila box with a cleaning brush.

Pender doesn't give any dates that I can see specifically when this run of pistols for the Scandinavian Police was produced or delivered. He does say toward the end of the run of these Scandinavian pistols a major change was made in the overall appearance of the 1914 pistol and this was about the same time as the beginning of Hitler's arms buildup. It would seem to me then that these Scandinavian pistols were probably produced in the early to mid 1930s. Maybe someone else can pin down the dates a little better.

Hope this helps some.
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Once again! You've helped me out. Thanks! One thing I've noticed
that is kind of curious. On just about every other 1934 I've seen or encountered, some 1914's. The Ser# is stamped in a milled recess on the slide. This one is stamped flush, on the slide. No milled recess. The only other Scandinavian I've seen, is for sale on Simpsons Ltd. It also has recessed Ser#. It's like they milled out a previous Ser# and re-stamped it. Any thoughts on this?
Thanks! Ron
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