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During the Nazi Era Model 1934's were produced by Mauser for the Army, Navy, Police and the commercial market.

There are four distinct variations marked by the Kriegsmarine for the German Navy. The specimen shown is the 4th Variation without property number and a KM E/M(5) pantographed on the right frame. The 4th Variation KM Mauser 1934 is found in the 544390 to 627788 serial range and has an estimated procurement of 6,000. (See Axis pistols page 165-172)

Download Attachment: M1934M1.jpg
Figure 1. Left side, Mauser 1934, serial number 614504, Kriegsmarine Variation 4. The black plastic Mauser banner grips are replacement and not original Kriegsmarine issue. However, they are Nazi Era factory original, are scarce, and present a good appearance (see Pender page 165 and 180).

Download Attachment: M1934M2.jpg
Figure 2. Right side, KM Mauser 1934, serial number 614504.

Download Attachment: M1934M3.jpg
Figure 3. Left side details, KM Mauser 1934, serial number 614504. The slide bears the serial number and manufacturing logo: “MAUSER-WERKE A.G. OBERNDORF A.N.” The side plate bears the Mauser banner.

Download Attachment: M1934M4.jpg
Figure 4. Top, KM Mauser 1934, serial number 614504. It bears the Eagle/N behind the rear sight.

Download Attachment: M1934M5.jpg
Figure 5. Right side details, KM Mauser 1934, serial number 614504. It bears “Cal. 7,65 D.R.P.u.A.P." on its right slide.

Download Attachment: M1934M6.jpg
Figure 6. Details of E/M(5) pantographed by Kriegsmarine armorers on the right frame of Mauser 1934, serial number 614504.

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Jan, Thank you for your excellent post and summary of the Mauser 1934 KM variations. Your forum and Axis Pistols has been an invaluable source to learn about the Mauser Model 1934 and Model HSc pocket pistol for me. I am starting to acquire a nice collection of both KM's. It would not have been possible without information (e-mails and dumb questions) supplied by yourself and others on this forum. I applaud everyone connected with this forum and say thank you again for such a knowledgable group of people willing to share their information. Bob
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