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My first adventure in collecting German Lugers was in 2002; it was stamped with, 42 as its manufacture, and dated, 1940, with all of its Third Reich markings. Unfortunately, even though the Luger was in good condition and a great shooter, it had more part numbers than my zip code. I thought that $450.00, was a good price to pay for the Luger in its condition.

One of my problems as a new comer to collecting is, knowing fair market value of my purchases. Can anyone recommend a book or listing that would give me an accurate pricing for Luger Collection?


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I used to publish price guides that covered all the Lugers in the books that I published. However, I published my last book in 1993 and have not kept sufficiently up to date on prices to revise these guides. Also, I ran out of the price guides some time ago and do not intend to republish them. In short, you have to attend gun shows, study the various for sale lists to keep up with prices.

Simpsons Ltd (309-342-5730; www.simpsonltd.com) has an extensive list of collectors grade Lugers for sale. This list will also serve as a price guide.

Your mismatched 1940 42 code is not collectors grade and would be valued at approximatley $400 up.

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I will suggest a book that you NOT use and that is "The Gun Trader's Guide". Looking through a copy of the latest edition last weekend at a Sam's Club, I couldn't believe how far behind the curve they are. I'd happily pay the prices they quote.... if I could find them!
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