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Dear Friends:

I recently added a second 1943 Mauser byf P38 to my collection. It came with a P38 joa 1943 holster. It is a first edition with no hump above the trigger and serial number is #2508C. It has the original grips that are black in color.

My other 1943 byf P38 with a gta?? 1943 holster. It is the second edition with hump above trigger and serial number is #2235K. It also has original grips but they are the red/brown in color.

My question is, was there a date or letter block that they went from using black or red/brown grips or were they used depending as to what was available at the time?

I have attached a some pictures. Happy Holidays To All.



Download Attachment: DCP_8585.JPG

Download Attachment: DCP_8641.JPG

Download Attachment: DCP_0476.JPG

Download Attachment: DCP_0471.JPG

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George, the P.38 Grips changed from dark brown (black) to the reddish brown in the middle of 1943 (June or so). That puts the serial number somewhere around the end of the H-Block.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!!

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Very nice presentation of a very nice byf 43 P.38! The best recent information I have read on P.38 grips is that done by a member of this forum, "Mark". I don't have the post right at hand at the moment, but I'm sure that if you run a search for "P.38 Grip Info" on this forum you will quickly find it.

Happy Holidays to you,

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