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Here is presented for your viewing pleasure a small caliber pocket pistol in caliber .25 (6.35mm) by Mauser. I acquired this along with the Walther Model 8 rig I have already posted pictures of. This pocket pistol was introduced by Mauser to compete with the Colt and FN Browning pocket pistol offerings but the Mauser never reached the popularity of the two rivals. Not near as many were produced as the Colt or FN offerings but you do see this Mauser pocket pistol on occassion.

Basically, there were two models of WTP pocket pistols with three variations in each model or and early, standard (transitional) and late type within each model designation. All told, there were about a total of 75,000 produced from about 1921/22 to 1940. None have been observed with any other proof but the crown U.

This example serial number 47345 is a very late Model I probably produced in late 1937 or very early 1938 just before or right at the change over to the Model II in 1938. In the Roy G.Pender III book "Mauser Pocket Pistols 1910-1946" published in 1971 the highest observed Mauser WTP M1 is serial number 45086. Mine is well beyond that one. The French also produced about 1,000 of the model IIs making this one of the most rare Mauser pistols in terms of number produced.

Anyway, this example is in pristine almost brand new condition with perfect finish, grips and bore. It is of the highest quality of craftsmanship resulting in extraordinary fit and finish. It came with the small soft brown leather holster pictured and it looks to have been with the holster for quite some time but who knows for sure. They are a neat/cute little pistol that is probably overlooked by most collectors and not one of the fine Mauser pistols that come to mind when thinking of fine Mauser pistols of the 20th century.

Anybody have a Model I with a higher serial number than this one?

Download Attachment: Mauser WTP M1 Left Side.jpg
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Download Attachment: Mauser WTP M1 Right Side.jpg
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Download Attachment: Mauser WTP M1 Bottom View.jpg
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Download Attachment: Mauser WTP M1 Holster.jpg
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Download Attachment: Mauser WTP M1 Holster Closed.jpg
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