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A friend has been lucky enough to obtain a 1939 E/k V suffix Banner P08 in the 7000 ser # block that has belonged to a non-collector since 1962. The pistol conforms in all respects to p.146 of Still's 3rd Reich book.

The Al bottom mag, although Ser #'d to the pistol, including V suffix, does NOT have the 1,2,or 3 common to police marked mags, nor is it Haenel marked. It is more like the "type 2 Army" described on pages 125 & 126 but w/o any Heer acceptance stamps. Just the ser # and the ser # suffix.

The mag looks "right" for the pistol--same munerical stampings and script V.

QUESTIONS: Reference books all seem to say ALL police mags were marked with the primary (1) and secondary (2 and 3) mag #'s and this is what distinguishes them from Heer mags. How common is a correct but unnumbered (1,2, or 3) magazine and why would it be unnumbered?
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