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Mauser C-96 with Austrian marks

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Hi folks,

As my first post on this new forum, I decided to bring back again my Mauser C-96 issued to Austrian Air Corp during the WWI.

It is a Commercial Wartime C-96, serial number 405026 (with matching stock), which was issued to the Austrian Army during the WWI (1917), bearing the inspector mark on the right side of the chamber (W-n Eagle/17).

The gun also has the unit´s mark in its grip, LFA527, which mean Luftfahrt Abteilung (Air Corp Batalion) #527. After the war this gun was probably kept in an Arsenal until the Austrian ocupation by the Germans in 1938, when it was reworked to chamber the 9mm Luger (as happened with most of the Steyr Hahn 1912 pistols), and served again during the WWII, probably with a second line unit. This statement is made because this particular gun was bought directly from the American GI who owned it as a bring back souvenir from the last war.

When I showed the gun in the old Mr. Still´s forum, it was told that he has only seven Austrian Brooms in his data base, and this is the first in 9mm Luger. Nice, isn´t it?


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Douglas, I am not sure of the problem, but I believe the picture has charectors that aren't acceptable, make it have NO spaces, or things like _ or -


I tried once more, without any non-alphanumerical symbol, but I still can´t post them...

Email the photos to me, and I will post them for you.
It's sometimes tricky, but I think I've figured out the process.
Here they are:
I named the files:

Download Attachment: DouglasC96-1.jpg
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Great Pancho!

Nice Looking gun Douglas,


You are THE MAN. Thank you for posting my pictures. someday you will have to teach us how to do it!


Thanks for your kind words.

Best wishes, amigos!


for your file. Here is another Austrian Mauser C96 with some remarkable stampings.

It's SN 405 217 with Imperial German acceptance. Then issued in 1917 to the Austrian Army and after the war reissued to the Austrian Army in 1936 ( HV 36 = Heeresverwaltung 1936 ). Unit marking UR 1 86 ?
There are various stampings of the Austrian double Eagle and perhaps one Prussian Eagle.

The pistol commes along with the shown unmarked holster. This holster indicates in all probability German Army use after the occupation of Austria.


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Very interesting Mauser C96. I hadn´t seen those marks before. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


Douglas JR. and Fritz
Excellent photographs and presentation.
Pancho thanks for the help
I'm new (today) to this forum.
I have an Austrian proofed / accepted C96, with the Wn-eagle-17 on the chamber. Matched and in nice shape, just a case of thinning blue.
The cal. is 7.63mm.
I'd be glad to share the serial number when I get home if anyone is interested.
Regards, Ned
As promised, my serial number is 408468.
The "W-n Eagle 17" is stamped on the chamber. the piece is matched.
I can see the serial in the photos of the above piece,... it's not too far from mine. How do the serials of the others in the data base fall?
How many did the Austrians accept?
Thanks for the photographs presentations.

Aurtrian broom data to date.
Austrian Broom data.
M1896/12 Austrian sn 193189, W-n Eagle17
M1896/12 Austrian sn 201480, W-n Eagle15
M1896/12 Austrian sn 376249, W-n Eagle17
M1896/12 Austrian sn 379996, W-n Eagle17
M1896/12 Austrian sn 396625, W-n Eagle17
M1896/12 Austrian sn 400943, W-n Eagle17
M1896/12 Austrian sn 404682, W-n Eagle17
M1896/12 Austrian sn 405026, W-n Eagle17
M1896/12 Austrian sn 405217, W-n Eagle17
M1896/12 Austrian sn 408468, W-n Eagle17
M1896/12 Austrian sn 409047, W-n Eagle17
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If I'm not wrong,I remember that the firing chamber of your gun bears the typical step(inside) that's a distinctive character of the P08s and of the Red Nine C96s(only).If the gun was modified in the late '30 years,I do not believe this shape of chamber should be used(as it was not used for the new barrels assembeld in the 08 M12 Steyr guns).Is the rear sight of your gun a 1000 meters one or a 500 m.one?

I didn´t check the "step" inside the chamber. Sorry... I´ll try to see that during this weekend.

The rear sight is graduate up to 1000 meters (not 500 as the Red Nines).

It's possible I'm wrong.I remember such a gun posted before the site was destroyed,so I thought it was the yours one.Another interesting topic is the kind of rifling(the widness of the grooves...) even also it's much less caractheristic than the "step" in the chamber.
Fritz ...

Your C96 pistol (SN 405217) has the same Austrian proof markings that exist on a C96 - 8.15mm pistol involved in a detailed study that I am conducting ... Would you be kind enough to re-post the above photos (they are no longer available) ... There are several questions that I would like to ask:
(1) What caliber is your pistol ???
(2) What is your understanding of the {{ HV eagle 36 }} proof marking ??? ...

Thank you ...

UR 1, 86 = Ulanenregiment 1 (Lancer Regiment 1), pistol #86 ...

Fritz ...
Particular information is available about this regiment at this website: http://www.austro-hungarian-army.co....goner.htm#ulan : ... At the bottom of the page ... You may already be aware of this information ...


Here are some new pics from my Austrian C.96. It is in cal. 7,63 mm and the "HV" stamp stands for "Heeresverwaltung 1936" . In the year 1936 the Austrian army was very strongly upgradet. So this particular stamping is possible an indication to a takeover of this pistol in the army of the new "Ständestaat" = corporate state.
My pistol came along with the shown holster indicating a further use of this particular pistol in the German army because this holster is typical German and I bought the rig from a German first owner.

I hope that the pics and information will be useful for you.

Regards Fritz


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Fritz ... Thank you very much ... Your information is helpful ... Here are the proof markings that I am working with ...

I am still trying to understand why the {{HV eagle 36}} proof marking would be applied to these pistols in 1936 ??? ... What was so special about 1936 or what happened in 1936 that an Army Administration marking needed to be applied to these pistols ??? ... Just to validate that the pistol was army property ??? ... You wrote that in 1936 the Austrian Army was strongly upgraded ... I do not understand ??? ... What German word(s) would you use to describe what you mean ??? ...

Thank you ...


Added note: I just read a brief history of the happenings in Austria during the entire year of 1936 and understand what you mean regarding the 'strong upgrading' of the Austrian Army ... This has been quite helpful ...

Thanks again Fritz ...



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