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for your file. Here is another Austrian Mauser C96 with some remarkable stampings.

It's SN 405 217 with Imperial German acceptance. Then issued in 1917 to the Austrian Army and after the war reissued to the Austrian Army in 1936 ( HV 36 = Heeresverwaltung 1936 ). Unit marking UR 1 86 ?
There are various stampings of the Austrian double Eagle and perhaps one Prussian Eagle.

The pistol commes along with the shown unmarked holster. This holster indicates in all probability German Army use after the occupation of Austria.


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Here are some new pics from my Austrian C.96. It is in cal. 7,63 mm and the "HV" stamp stands for "Heeresverwaltung 1936" . In the year 1936 the Austrian army was very strongly upgradet. So this particular stamping is possible an indication to a takeover of this pistol in the army of the new "Ständestaat" = corporate state.
My pistol came along with the shown holster indicating a further use of this particular pistol in the German army because this holster is typical German and I bought the rig from a German first owner.

I hope that the pics and information will be useful for you.

Regards Fritz


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