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Hello, everyone:
Picked up this interesting Mauser C96 holster on Ebay...
Very unusual and beautifully made tooled floral "art nouveau" design. Appears to be made from two separate pieces of leather , where the flap of the holster is stitched to the body of the holster. It seems that the makers of this holster used an already made piece of leather - possibly cut from a women's purse, or another leather covered artifact ( a furniture piece, may be?).
There is, also, a brass oval pinned on the flap with the following markings:
10 DR D 708 - see pictures.
No other markings. Two belt loops on the back.
Any ideas?


Download Attachment: AUT_7307.JPG

Download Attachment: AUT_7308.JPG

Download Attachment: AUT_7309.JPG
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