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Pictured here is one of the very rare Mauser Mod.1932 Schnellfeuer pistols # 87822.
In the operating instructions of May 1934 one can read:
Under the name " Original-Mauser-Schnellfeuerpistole, Kal. 7,63mm" we have put a new self loading weapon on the market... .
...Usually find the magazine for 10 shots of use, if the pistol is used for independent fires, then.
In this case it can be shot with or without shoulder stock.
At use as an automatic weapon the magazine for 20 cartridges is used .
With consideration for the high fire speed from 15 to 16 shots per second rapid fire has to be handed in only with shoulder stock... .
The practically attainable shot number under consideration of the magazine change amounts to about 280 shots per minute... .

Single shot - N = normal
Rapid fire - R = Reihenfeuer.

Due to the German gun law the rapid fire is deactivated.


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Note the differences between an extractor of Mod.12 and Mod.1932.

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thanks for that nice presentation! Great pistol!
These guns are to rare to find much written about them I suppose, although they are very interesting.
As far as I know there exist a Nickl type Schnellfeuer as well.
Do you have the original operating instructions?

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Hello Fritz,
Just want to be certain that I understand.
Here, in the U.S., a non-transferable full-auto weapon has to have the receiver destroyed, such that it is not capable of firing at all, and becomes a non-gun.
Are you saying that in Germany, you can modify the weapon so that while is will no longer fire in full-auto, that it can still fire in semi-auto ?

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the one on top -
that is one of the most beautiful Schnellfeuer I have seen!
would be great so have some detail pictures!
That great piece seems not been fired anytime - should be all original condition! Is the muzzle blued?
Are both in Caliber 7,63?
does anybody of you guys know something about the 9mm variation?

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Got today a copy of "Small Arms Reviev" with some interesting details.

- they are telling that some Schnellfeuer in 9mm Luger caliber and a 7,65 Parabellum exist.
And there should be a Yugoslavian Contract in 1934 with 100 Schnellfeuers called Modell S with some of them in 9mm, with screwed barrels into the slide.
For what reason ever? Save machining and time, replace old ones ??
Here I could find a original Schnellfeuer manual!
on Page 18 (pic with the stock) they advise to use the stock while burst firing and using a table ore something because of the accuracy.
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could you please check the rear sight of your 712 broom #582709 , is that probably a 500m rear sight and not a 1000 Meters type? Because 500 Meters have been used with the 9mm calibre?
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