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A very few Mauser C96 Red 9 with shortened barrel and fixed rear sight are known with an E/SU4 ordnance repair stamp at its right chamber ( with or without 1920 military reissue stamp ).
All pistols observed by me ( only three pieces ) were reissued to the police in the Weimar-Nazi period.
This particular pistol # 397.139 is an Imperial accepted Cal. 7,63 Mauser C 96. It shows the E/SU4 stamp ( Simson / Ulbricht rework ) but wasn’t shortened and one cannot find any indications of repair or part changing.
Its unmarked holster is Kriegsmarine accepted.
I bought this rig years ago from an old Navy engineer who worked during the 30s and WWII at the Kiel Dockyard.
The question is, can it be possible that the E/SU4 stamp is more than a repair or rework stamp in this case.
Every idea will be appreciated.


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