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Bob, your humble opinion is absolutely correct!! The small parts should be blue. Doug, I really can't tell the true color, but the high polish is evident. Machine marks should be clearly seen. I would also bet the radii are rounded if we could see a clear photo.

Chris, it's a nice looking Luger, but it's a rework!!

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Hello Members,
Thank you for your responce I appreciate your comments. I got the message for Pancho. If it's possible I've seen you did nice closeups on poor quality pictures on Kriegsmarine Radoms. I don't really have a good digital camera. I'm asking you or any memeber to do some close-ups on the Mauser 42/ It's barrel, proof marks. We might have a interesting subject to talk about. I know Mauser 42 shouldn't have little parts strawed and it shouldn't have a high polish finish. When I compare my S 42 to the finish of the coded 42 they are almost alike. If you look closly on the coded 42 the reciever on it has that plum like tone to it. The gun is very tight and the sharp edges so it might be it's original finish. When you look on to bob simpson Mauser Lugers for sale you see non of them really have crude mill marks. Looking forward to your responce
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