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Fresh in from Oberndorf, these slides from the 1968-77 production run were never finished and used.

Although the interior is pretty much as it should be, the exterior is still in the rough and, interestingly, separately numbered.

It is thought that these slides came from the supplier, Manurhin in France in this shape, provisionally numbered to keep track of them. In final production the sides were milled back, polished and etched with the Mauser details.

When looking carefully it can be seen where the slides were hardened: the area around the ejection port, safety and the rear bottom all were hardened.

These slides are numbered 237, 238 and 240 and are probably among the last remaining unfinished Mauser HSc slides.

I test fitted one on a 1968 Mauser HSc to verify the interior is close to the end product and it installed without issues.
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