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Mauser HSc with no external ser#, inside #7?

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I'm looking for help in trying to identify a Mauser HSc in my collection. No ser# on the front grip strap just a series of shallow, uneven dashes --- where the ser # should be. There doesn't appear to be any removal of the numbers as the area shows no evidence of grinding or shaving. Apon taking down the pistol a #7 can be seen on the slide at the muzzle, under where the barrel protrudes from the slide. There is also a #7 on the frame in the well in front of and at the top of the trigger guard where the barrel and slide sit on the frame. Both #7's appear to be the same size and font. Nothing but the RW inspectors mark on the barrel. This RW mark is also on the frame and slide but not on the outside of the pistol. Wood grips with center grip screw. Eagle N proof on the slide in its normal place but none on the barrel or frame. The slide legend is without the three lines. I think its an early type. No markings on the mag. The sight channel is not matted but smooth like the side of the slide. No lanyard loop at the butt. No markings associated with post WW2 French manufacture. Slide 95% mil blue, trigger is a blackish blue and the frame appears poorly blued with maybe 80% remaining. Someone told me this could be a lunchbox pistol smuggled out of the factory piece by piece. I don't buy this theory because there would be no need to number the major parts and would actually make the parts more easy to trace if the employee was caught with parts. In addition the pistol is very tight and completely functionable. Not what I would expect from a pistol being assembled from parts without any expert hand fitting or fine tune adjustments. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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I have a similar gun that may have been built from spare parts that were in the factory when it fell to the allies. No proofs and some numbered parts but no serial number on the frame.


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