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Does anyone know anything about this gun :

Download Attachment: IM001547.JPG

It is KM marked and serial number is 768706. The unusual thing about it is the slide has been milled out with "POLITI ,a crest, Nr.530". The 530 is also on the frame above the trigger. The gun has very little wear, hardly anywhere.

The holster:

Download Attachment: IM001550.JPG

It is marked "Genschow and co, AB 1940 Berlin" IT is also ink stamped Mauser on the inside. On the Little strap is a waffen stamp, it's an eagle over a WaA286.

Download Attachment: IM001551.JPG

Any help in identification or information as to the value would be of interest to me. Thank you Jim

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Upon the surrender of the German Armed Forces at the end of WWII, the Norwegian authorities took control of the German weapons in Norway. A number of HSc pistols, among other types of pistols, were adopted by the Norwegian police and marked "POLITI - (with 4 digit number) on a newly milled surface at the top rear of the left side of the slide rear, with the four-digit number also stamped on left side of the receiver The serial numbers of these captured HSc pistols ranged throughout the entire WWII production since these pistols were supplied to the German troops in Norway from 1940 to 1945.

The usual four-digit POLITI number stamped by the Norwegian police had no relation to the pistol serial number. Presently, there are seven reported Norwegian “POLITI” adopted HSc pistols, all in the 5000 range, and include Army, Commercial and KM pieces. Norway has vast ocean coastlines, so there were heavy concentrations of Kriegsmarine personnel with KM marked small arms. Sometime during the post-war era, a number of these pistols were imported into the U.S. They are an interesting addition to any HSc collection.

It appears that this very pistol is currently offered on GunBroker - #26752373.
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