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Mauser HSc

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Well, here is a new one to me. I have collected pistols and revolvers for some time, but never had a chance to pick one of these up! You know how it goes, when you have the money, there isn't any nice ones around. When you do find a nice one......no money!
This time the cash and the pistol were in the same place!
Lloyd came in from Las Vegas and we went to the Ventura, CA show for the day. We hooked up with some other well known collectors and talked pistols.....I can't think of a better way to spend a day!
I got to look at some nice pistols. Some Mausers, a German contract Astra 900, a 1938 Radom, a couple of Chinese "Brooms".
I also picked up this HSc. These are well made pistols! It is a later one, serial 908139. WaA135 proofed. Just some high edge wear. Barrel and frame match. The slide doesn't have the serial hand scribed in it (unless I missed it), but appears original to the pistol. Any info on that?
Lloyd found a nice treasure, but I will let him tell you about it!
Overall, a great day and some good finds.

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