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Mauser Marine Mod19??

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Recently bought a mauser mod 19?? marine marked.
M above anchor and N83 property number.
I know its a Weimar period pistol but am not sure of the model.
Could it be a 1914/34 model?
Serial nr is 440800 and the magazine is also N83 marked.
I dont find any other marks on the pistol.

Download Attachment: N83 mauser.jpg
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Your Mauser pocket pistol sn 440800 Weimar Navy marked M/anchor N 83 is called a 1914 Mauser. There are 9 of these recorded in Axis Pistols, page 162. Two of these, sn 440628 (M/anchor N48), and sn 440913(M/anchor N2), closley bracket yours. Its a rare Weimar Navy marked pocket pistol.
Thanks for the info.
I checked your book but was not sure because i did not find a picture.
Will be posting pictures of the pistol soon.

PS: Your books are a great help. I have al 5 of them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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