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I was looking at the online catalog of an auction house for an upcoming sale. I noticed some pistols which are not common. I have made copies of the pictures of the pistol that are going to be auctioned, together with the text that went with each pistol. This text gives a description and condition of the weapon.

It is not my intention to hype the auction, but rather to post the pictures and information on these pistols so that it will be available in the future. So often, examples such as these will be purchased and then taken home and put in the gun room or safe, not to surface again for public viewing for many years. In this instance, these pistols will sell, probably for sums which many here cannot afford. Then they will be taken home and stored, not to be seen again until the new buyer dies or needs money. If this does not occur, then we will be able to get better pictures. If it does occur, then the pictures and data will be available for us common folk to see and dream about.

(Hopefully I will have these in the proper categories. If my posting this information offends, then please delete same.)

Mauser Model HSv Prototype Pistol

Serial Number: V1030
Manufacturer: Mauser
Model: HSv
Type: pistol
Gauge: 9 mm
Barrel Length: 5.25 inch round
Finish: blue
Grip: walnut

Description: Extremely Rare Mauser Model HSv Prototype Pistol The only known example of the Mauser Model HSv pistol designed in response to the Wehrmacht request for submission of design for a replacement for the Luger 1934. The HSv is a 9 mm, double-action, short recoil pistol with an eight round magazine capacity. Components are milled and have a high polish blue finish. The two piece grips are walnut with checkered panels. The left side of the slide is marked with the Mauser banner followed by "MAUSER-WERKE A.G. OBERNDORF A.N. HSv 9 MM" in two lines. The lightning cut on the opposite side of the slide is numbered "V1030." The magazine floor plate is numbered "V1030/2" in two lines. A double stamped Mauser/DWM Oberndorf commercial proof mark is located on the right front of the slide and a similar proof is stamped on the left front portion of the barrel beneath the slide. The Mauser HSv is one of the great rarities in German World War II military pistols. A superbly made and elegantly designed pistol. Very few were manufactured. This pistol is the only known example of a Mauser HSv. It would be the centerpiece of the most advanced German or European automatic pistol collection. This pistol is the subject of a featured article in The American Rifleman magazine of August 1946. Capt. C.H. Howell Jr. was the author. The subject of the article was a comparison of the HSv to other well known pistols such as the Luger, Colt Woodsman, 1911, and Walther HP. This article was later reprinted again in the Auto Mag Vol. XXVI issue 8 November of '93. The HSv is also featured in The Walther Pistols 1930-1945 Vol. I by Buxton. He states "extremely few of the Mauser guns (HSv) were made, only one definitely known to exist now." This pistol is also listed in System Mauser by Breather Jr. and Schroeder Jr. It is listed as one of the experimental pistols on pg. 268 and photographed on pg. 269. This pistol is widely recognized as the most important Mauser pistol of the post WWI period.

Condition: Excellent. The pistol retains nearly 95% of the original blue finish. The finish on the barrel and trigger guard shows little wear. The slide has some edge wear on the high points and the blue finish on the rear of the slide has aged to a plum brown. The grip straps exhibit the most wear and have about 70% of the original finish intact with the balance fading to an even gray. The bore is fair with some erosion. The trigger and safety lever have about 30% of the original "straw" finish intact. Markings are crisp. The walnut grips are excellent with some minor handling scratches and finish wear. Checkered panels are generally sharp. Condition is exceptional for a trial pistol which could be expected to be subjected to extended and hard service in adverse conditions.

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CPW, I think your reasoning is very sound, and I agree with it. It is good to see these examples you pointed out and I appreciate their posting. If a posting interests me, I will usually go to File, and then Save As, and save it to a file folder on my own hard drive. In that way I have placed the pictures and text in another location for future reference.

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