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Mauser Schnellfeuer serial numbers

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Mauser Schnellfeuer has two serial numbers: One on the side (later on the bolt endpart) and one on the lower part. By 4-digits full number it is 3 digits on the lower part, 5-digits means 4 on the lower part..
And if it is an early gun with 3-digits full number? I can not find any photos on this matter..
It would be great to hear some opinions on this issue.
Thanks in advance,
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There were at least 5 different variations of Mauser Schnellfeuer (excluding prototypes and Yugoslavian trials) - so far I have not seen any with S/N below 1000
  • Early Nickl - lowest known to me 1145, highest 2912
  • Late Nickl - lowest known to me 3144, highest 3178
  • Early Westinger - Volume 4 of Kersten/Moll/Schmidt has a picture of 2476, which I believe to be a mix of Nickl upper and Westinger ower
  • Intermediate Westinger
  • Late Westinger
If needed, I can try to find in my docs on the S/N of Westinger models this WE


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mainly cosmetical - added patent notification marking D.R.P.u.A.P. on the right side of the lower frame and 1000m mark on the sight ramp was rotated 180°.
I am skeptical about statements about the 1000m mark on the 180 degree rotated sight ramp on the later Nikls, since the SN 3439 has a completely normal sight ramp (for the Nikl version).
Do you happen to have a photo?
acccoding to my satistics, the layout "D" type sights start to appear in 26xx range


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