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Mauser Schnellfeuer serial numbers

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Mauser Schnellfeuer has two serial numbers: One on the side (later on the bolt endpart) and one on the lower part. By 4-digits full number it is 3 digits on the lower part, 5-digits means 4 on the lower part..
And if it is an early gun with 3-digits full number? I can not find any photos on this matter..
It would be great to hear some opinions on this issue.
Thanks in advance,
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Thank you for your reply!
It will be great to get information on S/N of Westinger models.
And one more question.
What is the difference between early and late Nickl? There is not much information on Nickl guns..
Thanks a lot,
Another Late Nickl Serial 3439
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Thanks for interesting answers and great pictures!!!
But I still wonder what is the difference between early Nickl and late Nickl?
On the pictures they look the same.. Only the prototype has an another lever..
It will be great to find an answer!
Thanks in adwance,
Thank you very much for your answer. It is a great help.
I have only one question.
A early Nickl with 3-digits number. Now many digits it will be on the lower frame?
Thanks a lot for all the information. With the sight ramp we can check the available pictures of early Nickl.
But this D.R.P. issue is certainly the main difference between early and late Nickl.
Danke vielmals!
Super information!
I do not see much difference…
Thanks, a very interesting picture.
Fire selector is on the right side...And bigger..
Actually, a short barrel.
Looks like a Bolo..
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