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Mauser Schnellfeuer serial numbers

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Mauser Schnellfeuer has two serial numbers: One on the side (later on the bolt endpart) and one on the lower part. By 4-digits full number it is 3 digits on the lower part, 5-digits means 4 on the lower part..
And if it is an early gun with 3-digits full number? I can not find any photos on this matter..
It would be great to hear some opinions on this issue.
Thanks in advance,
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I do not see much difference…
Jonathan Ferguson, curator of the National Firerams Center in Leeds, UK, mentions in his book The "Broomhandle" Mauser a prototype of a Schnellfeuer-Pistole from 1926. Unfortunately, a wrong picture was erroneously shown in the book (p.18).

Enclosed is the correct picture that I received from Jonathan for a book review in a Swiss gun magazine. This pistol is in the National Firearms Center in Leeds, UK.


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Thanks, a very interesting picture.
Fire selector is on the right side...And bigger..
Actually, a short barrel.
Looks like a Bolo..
Do you happen to have a photo?
acccoding to my satistics, the layout "D" type sights start to appear in 26xx range


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TY, then I will re-word: "D" type sights start to appear in 26xx range, however for some time "C" type and "D" type might have been used interchangebly - the same was reported for contemporary M1930 guns
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