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Good evening folks! I am posting some photos of a Mauser Schnellfeuer that I have had for several years that I would like to sell. It is fully transferrable, and is an original C&R gun. Original finish is in overall very good shape. Only flaw is a small chip in the bolt by the extractor. Gun has the wooden stock with 1939 carved in it by some long ago owner (non numbered attachment iron). The few numbered parts on the gun are all matching. The 20 round magazine, based on its finish, appears not original to the gun, but is an original Mauser marked mag.

Gun has a very interesting provenance, which I have the documentation for in a bank safe. Haven't looked at it in years so I am fuzzy on the details, but the overall story is that it was confiscated by a law enforcement officer in south Texas in the early 1960s from a man from Mexico who was planning to assassinate a government official in Mexico. The confiscation occurred during a traffic stop. The law enforcement officer in Texas worked to get the gun registered and there are two affidavits supporting this in great detail. The affidavits are from the mid 1980s.

The gun had been sold in early 2019, but there ended up being an issue, so myself and the purchaser decided to cancel the transaction.

Looking for $22,000 or best offer.

Here are some photos. I am in Florida.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157677889142678/with/46075799334/

--bigu2fan (Will G)
[email protected]
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