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Mauser stock lug hole

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Randall Gibson, in his Krieghoff Lugers, describes a manufacturing difference of Mauser made lugers, with a hole at the upper part of the side groove (page 29). I just acquired a G date piece. It has NO hole on either side of the stocklug groove. I have noted from my limited experience, that all Mauser lugers, starting with the second variation of 1937, have not only the hole but the Mauser "hump" and the new bluing method where all the previously strawed parts are blued. Did the holes begin appearing when the "hump" began to appear? If so, could there be some connection between them with the manufacturing process. Has anyone observed the hole without the "hump" and conversely the "hump" without the hole? Would certainly like to see feedback as we examine those Mauser P08's.
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Thanks Frank for your valuable input. I have not been fortunate so see many "K" variants, but I will keep my eyes open. I was postulating that the stocklug hole and the hump always existed together possibly indicating they both were integral in the manufacturing process, but I guess this is only a WAG! Obviously needs much more data to support. To muddy the waters further, my "41" commercial Mauser banner, has strawed parts AND the hump.
Very interesting speculation, Silvereagle29. I didn't entertain the possibility that frames without the stock lug hole could have been DWM leftovers. Also, I don't think I have ever seen a "G" date with a DWM logo on the toggle, at least one that was thought to be original.
Very interesting Lougerlou! I guess anything is possible. And Don, I will keep my eyes open for "G" dates with DWM toggles. If I find one I will certainly let you know for your database.
Don, Just another thought. Do "K" date lugers exist with DWM toggle trains? One might think so if "G" date ones exist as "K" dates were earlier and presumbaly Mauser had more DWM frames in their possession. I have never seen a "K" date with such a toggle train but I await your thoughts.
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