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I recently acquired a few WWII era Mauser pistols out of an old collection and this Mauser WTP (vest pocket pistol) II was available so I grabbed it. There is something quite appealing about these smallest members of the great Mauser family tree. I have a rather late Mauser WTP I that I have posted some information and pictures on further down this board. Anyway, this WTP II is what Pender in his book “Mauser Pocket Pistols 1910-1946” calls a middle or transition model. In his book on page 202 he shows under serials observed the highest serial as number 61873. The one I acquired (which included a holster--see pictures) is serial number 66717. This one it would seem, which is identical in appearance to the one pictured under Transition WTP Model II section, is apparently a very late transition model. It has the 17 serration slide with the same script address and designation markings he (Pender) classifies as a Transition model. Anyway, the WTP pocket pistols were an attempt by Mauser to compete in the late post WWII lucrative pocket pistol market. The WTP pocket pistols were not just a copy of the Browning model 1906 (which was quite a common practice) but an attempt by Mauser at a whole new design--far different than any other Mauser design (simple blow back design). These Mauser pocket pistols never attained the popularity of these other pocket pistols and as a result there are far fewer around today. About 57,000 (17,000 WTPs II) were produced in total which included two models and three sub models in each model category. If you are a Mauser pistol collector your collection would certainly not be complete with out at least one of these examples. The holster that came with this one is the larger one which to me would seem more suited for the WTP I rather than the more diminutive WTP II.
Download Attachment: Mauser WTP II Left Side.jpg
Download Attachment: Mauser WTP II Right Side.jpg
Download Attachment: Mauser WTP I & II Left Side.jpg
Download Attachment: Mauser WTP I & II Right Side.jpg
Download Attachment: Mauser WTP I & II Holsters Front.jpg
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