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a nice photo and a nice rig. But not complete. A complete party Leader rig MUST also contain something I received just recently:

Download Attachment: Waffenschein_NSDAP_FS_Copyright_640x467.jpg

This is an "Ausweis über Waffenbesitz" (gun ownership ID card) issued by the NSDAP, Gau Württemberg-Hohenzollern to a Ortsgruppenleiter (a middle PL rank). According to this document, the Ortsgruppenleiter was allowed to carry his pistol, which was given him by the NSDAP on January 28, 1935.

So, this is a "Waffenschein" (license to carry firearms) which was (is) absolutely necessary in Germany if somebody is carrying a pistol outside his home. I never saw such a Party firearms license and it is quiet astonishing, that this was issued by the Party, because normally the official authorities for granting such a license is the Police or an other governmental office, but not a political party.

Interesting also:

Download Attachment: Waffenschein_NSDAP_RS_copyright_640x466.jpg

according to the back of this license he received a Walther in the 798.xxx SN range. What is quiet normal for a PL. But the Walther was deleted and was replaced by a Mauser 1934 in the 510.xxx range. This seems to be unusual.

Has anybody seen such a Party Leader "Waffenschein" before?



P.S.: sorry for all the copyright "decoration" but I don't like it when my images will pop up in some other forums/publications without my permission. I don't like it – but it happened a few times.
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