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Mid-War Milled Finish Waffenamt Walther PP

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This pistol is nothing out of the ordinary save for the condition but carries special meaning to me as it was the very first Walther that I had purchased. Seller wouldn't budge off his price so I had to pay $65 for it. About $15 over the then going price. Holster is not all that common but is the best representative example that I have seen or been able to purchase. It is felt , by me at least, that although not hallmarked or coded , it is a "hck" code holster as it is waffenamt proofed WaA14, the same as found on "hck" 44 and 45 examples. As there are no "hck" 1943 example known, it is then my candidate for such a year's production. Ironic, in that I have more money in the holster dollar wise than I do in the pistol.

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I hope you don't mind me sharing my mid/late war PP rig in your same thread about your PP rig. I have had this rig for probably six years and I paid almost 10 times for this rig compared to what you paid for your Walther PP. Mine is sort of special to me also because it is the first Walther vintage WWII German Military pistol I EVER purchased.

This Walther PP (WaA359 waffenamt acceptance stamped) and the holster/spare mag are in very excellent condition. It has the late war rough machining and finishing but I don't think it ever saw any action or much use. The serial number on mine is 332519P just 2062 pistols after your PP was produced. The frame on mine (mainly visible on backstrap and front grip strap) has that slight purplish tint that some of the late production German military pistols exhibit and has been much discussed before.

The holster I am not sure about. I don't think this Walther PP has been with this holster very long. I am not even sure this is a holster designed for the Walther PP. Please see the photos for the holster markings. John, what do you think about this holster? It is a very nice condition holster of proper vintage I believe and shows or exhibits outstanding craftsmanship and finish. Inside the flap is stamped in black ink BAXI 1943. There is a waffenamt proof stamp but I can't make out the number or code. On the back of the holster near the bottom is the marking L. Z. A. and under that H. Halle. Between those two markings it looks like a bird or eagle with wings extended. Any help with holster identification or interpretation is certainly appreciated! Thanks Lloyd in Vegas where cool weather this time of year means the low 90s.
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Lloyd ; always glad to talk holsters. In short, your holster is a ringer. It is of a contsruction that is very good but the pattern is typical WW1. Although the holster makers continued this up till 1934 era but after that you will ALWAYS find a two row stitch pattern on both the belt loop and where you attach the flap in the rear..... and this is particulary so if waffenamted !!!! All the ink[?] stamp markings do pertain to WW1 era [ save for the 1943 and bogus waffenamt stamp ]. I would have to say that your holster would most likely be for the Langenhan or Dryese. The trouble I am having with your holster is that the leather looks as though it is newly tanned. Hard to determine without it in hand but if I was a bett'in man, I would have wagered some money that this holster was just newly made. Look at the hold down strap ? There is not a mark on the strap hole where the stud goes in ? Very uncommon on 90 year old holsters. It just doesn't make any sense to make a new holster after a WW1 pattern and then put WW2 marks on it. If someone is making these holsters then the world is going to get slammed dunked. Tell me I am wrong as this is getting scary.
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Thanks for your input on this holster. It is certainly in to nice of condition to have been produced around the first world war. However, could it have just sat around in some inventory storage depot never used/issued and then found and issued in WWII during the leather shortage situation in Germany? I know that is a little far fetched I suppose. Anyway, it is a very nice holster which reminds us just how careful we need to be in the search for vintage holsters. If it looks to nice or the condition is very exceptional given the supposed age it probably is a ringer as you put it. THANKS!
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