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Presented here is my example of a mid war era Mauser HSc with its 1943 dated holster. Neither is considered rare but perhaps condition is above the norm for today's selections. Enjoy it for what it is and trust one can learn at least one bit of nugget of knowledge.

Download Attachment: DSC01477.JPG
217.32 KB This variation can be found in both black and brown colors.

Download Attachment: DSC01478.JPG
220.04 KB

Download Attachment: DSC01479.JPG
221.17 KB

Download Attachment: DSC01480.JPG
213.49 KB If one looks closely, you can determine that the code is "bdr 43" and the waffenamt proof is WaA86.

Download Attachment: DSC01481.JPG
249.12 KB

Download Attachment: DSC01482.JPG
227.3 KB

Download Attachment: HSc eagle 135 proof.JPG
217.8 KB

Download Attachment: DSC01483.JPG
238.32 KB

Download Attachment: DSC01484.JPG
98.25 KB
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