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Mitchell, Stoeger and Aimco Lugers

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Hello all
Pictured below are four stainless steel Lugers produced by Aimco under there various names. The two on the left are Mitchell Arms American Eagles chamber dated 1991 and 1993. The one on the far right is a Stoeger Ind. American Eagle, no chamber date and the cased one in the center is a Aimco, NAPCA commemorative American Eagle in .30 luger chamber dated 1900-2000 with blackened finish.

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Nice, good colection of the newer Lugers.

Thank you for your comments. I have had these since they first came out. Its amazing that after nearly a hunderd years we can not produce the same fit and finish using modern machines as the Germans did back then. I guess some arts do get lost.
You still have to hand fit each magazine to get them to work right.
Thanks again
hi,if you wanted a shooter,& you could buy an east german armory refurb, or one of these for the same money, which would be the best choice? thanks
Hello Craig
Iam sorry it has taken me so long reply, but we had to make a unexpected trip to upstate New York this week. If I wanted a shooter I think instead of buying a East German/Russian rework/capture I would buy a matching WW II vintage Mauser with a worn finish even if a little more money was involved because even those are increasing in value at this time. As for the newer stainless steel lugers I have shot only the first one I bought and they are fun but there is nothing like the real thing and I consider the stainless guns to be a continuing part of the long luger history and hopefully will increase in value as the years fly by.
thank you for your sage advice.here is what I have done.yesterday,I found a 1940, code42,4", in very good condition,98%blue/black, with all matchinng numbers(except magazine)& NO import stamps or x's etc..I put it on layaway.total cost=$800.judging from prices I have seen I think I did ok for a decent shooter.these lugers are at BROCKS GUNS here in the atlanta area.mr.Brock is very personable & helpfull,said he purchased a number of these from the german government,& they had been police guns-but have no markings as such.he took it apart for me & I found everything sound..I can't afford a big collection,but would still like to have a stainless specimen.I think I will save up for that upcoming stainless 45acp luger. *several care & feeding questions: are"Wolf"(russian) 9mm rounds recomended? any reason why I shouldn't keep lubed with the modern(super-slippery,corrosion fighting)synthetic oils? -remember I'm new at this,so don't hurt my feelings to bad. thanks,craig
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hi,I traded the code 42 for a very nice "black widow" 42 BYF 4" matching #s, but rebarreled.98% finish...still looking for a late stoeger bright eagle 4",9mm,& would appreciate any help finding one.thanks
Dear All:

I see a local guy(Albany, New York) is selling an Aimco Stainless Luger. I saw this post and was wondering any of you had an interest. Asking price is $750.00. I will contact the person and find out what model and who it was made for if there is an interest.


yes please! ready to deal! thankyou,crazig
Ed R.,
Nice group of Lugers. I particularly enjoyed the cased NAPCA commemorative since I designed the medallion in the case for the NAPCA show in Kansas City for the centennial of Luger production. I often wonder if a 100 years from now some of them will still be around and collectors might ponder where they came from. My small shot at immortality...sigh
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