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First, I want to state that I have been observing this sight for a few weeks. It amazes me the amount of knowledge that is contributed by participants. Thank you for letting me observe and now participate.

I truly hope to become an active participant as I gain more knowledge. I am a US Marine Vet ('66-'70) and have been a Professional Guide for over 30 years. I have some knowledge of weapon systems but I am sure I am a novice when it comes to people in this forum.

I have just inherited (unfortunately) my Father’s Extensive gun collection and enormous Military memorabilia collection, both collections’ cover from Civil War thru WWII. I have seen this collection grow over my lifetime and again unfortunately have not kept up to date on all the different items. I have a long education ahead of me and I would appreciate any direction or leads to find needed info

My question at this time involves a Model 116 Mark IV, S# A290536. It looks like an early M16 but is a .22LR. It was imported by Kassnar and made in the Philippines. I have learned that Kassnar is no longer due to Bankruptcy. I found they might have now become KBI Inc. Too, I tracked down Armscor of the Philippines and it seems like they may be the producer of the weapon. They have a Model 1600R that looks very similar to the weapon I have.

Does anyone know anything about this weapon M116 or can lead me to info on it. Is it a conversion of the M16? Is it apiece of junk? Would it make a good first for my Teenage son? I appreciate any info or direction possible.

Too, I promise not ask value questions and I will try and do extensive research before I ask any elementary questions.


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I am afraid you might not get a lot of responses to your current inquiry on this forum as most of the participants here are vintage military pistol collectors--Lugers and Axis type WWI & WWII pistols. Here is a link to a sister board/forum that might prove more helpful to you in search of answers to your current inquiry/questions:


You have to register just like this forum but it will probably prove worth the effort.

Now as you sort through your late fathers collection and run across anything related to military pistols especially of the Axis related type please get back on here and lets see if we can help you and point you in the right direction. We would love to hear about anything related to WWI and WWII foreign military pistols and especially those related to the Axis type of WWII.

Thanks, good luck to you and welcome aboard!

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Sorry, it is not a "conversion" and you are most correct, it is a junker, parts are not available should you need them....when I get them in my shop here for repair, I direct the owners to Wal-Mart for a good deal om the Marlin .22 autos....they are no longer imported, or perhaps made ?...you are correct they were made in the PI
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